Consumer Packaging Solutions

Speed to Market. Delivered on your schedule.

  • Tired of being 2nd place?
  • Ever missed a launch date?
  • Store Test in a week?

CardPak has helped many clients achieve the unthinkable. We apply a sense of urgency unequaled in the industry

  • DigiPak Digital Printing for quick short runs…no job is too small!
  • Xpress Combo 4 days (increments of 7500)…4/1 color process
  • Creative Services CAD Samples, renderings, sealed samples
  • Turnkey Combining Print, Plastic, and Assembly….1 call, 1 conversation…simple
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Sustainability. Less Plastic. More Green.

  • Need a sustainable package but don’t want to pay a premium?
  • Want to lower your scorecard or carbon footprint?
  • Need PET plastic with water based coating?
  • Wrap Rage? (need more here to be parallel to other statements)

At CardPak, we live sustainability. All of the materials we purchase, process, and sell are recycled or recyclable, including the energy we use!!! We make our customer’s scorecard instantaneously better!

  • ClubPak…Less plastic. More green. Replaces the “old school” plastic clamshell
  • SustainPak 100% renewable and recycled materials
  • PressSeal…No HEAT, TOOLING, or MACHINE required
  • AquaSeal Pro…Water based coatings that perform like solvents
  • PakSeal EPA and FDA Approved Solvent Coatings…sticks to practically everything
  • Plastic PET or PVC, which is better for you?
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Combo Print Runs Flexible. Reliable. Economical.

  • Tired of high tooling and die charges?
  • Tired of waiting for your combo to fill up?
  • Need small quantities, yet don’t want to pay high prices?

At CardPak, we helped clients of all sizes save time and money with our flexible combo print run programs.

  • Blister Cards 4/1, 4/4, Aquaseal, PakSeal…spot colors available too
  • Cartons 4/1, 4/0, UV coated
  • Mock Clamshells 4/1, 4/4 AquaSeal, PakSeal
  • Clamshell Inserts 4/1, 4/4
  • ClubPak 4/0, AquaSeal, PakSeal
  • Xpress Combo ships in 4 days
  • Plastic how can we help?
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Clubstore Packaging

  • Need a clubstore package without the wrap rage?
  • Have no idea how to get started?
  • Need a clamshell alternative?
  • Want to know about fluted boards?

CardPak is the ClubPak King! CardPak’s patent pending process uses less plastic while at the same time still provides a durable, reliable, and attractive package. And, we offer many options:

  • ClubPak…fluted or non-fluted…we’ll help you decide which one is right for you
  • SustainPak…100% renewable and recyclable materials
  • ShelfPak….self standing, yet still fiber based
  • Plastic…PET or PVC, options to meet your specific needs
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