Blister Cards

Blister cards are a functional and attractive way to display products; it's no wonder they're the industry standard. But what sets CardPak apart is the choice of water-based or solvent-based coating. Solvent-based coating offers multiple advantages including a cohesive bond that's an average of 50% stronger with half the application time. Whether the blister is made of PVC, styrene, PET or RPET (recycled PET), solvent coatings maintain solid bond coverage around the entire flange of the blister.

  • Solvent and water-based heat seal coatings 
  • Four-color process and PMS line colors
  • Special match colors 
  • SBS and recycled stocks in single white and double white
  • Special calipers available
  • Die cutting: per customer specification
  • Largest Variety of Combination Runs in the Industry
  • Xpress Run in 4 days
  • Processed Colors with PMS Colors

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Stretch Pack

  • Combo Runs Available
  • Free Standing
  • No Rigid Plastic
  • High Visibility with plenty of graphic space

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Clamshell Inserts

For a premium upscale look, clamshells can't be beat. The plastic casing frames and enhances your product to provide high visibility in the marketplace. Coupling two layers of durable plastic also provides product protection, reinforces the hang hole, and reduces theft.

  • Premium packaging with strong visual impact
  • Excellent product display
  • Added security and protection
  • Extended performance; longer shelf life
  • Dedicated and Combo run availability

Mock Clamshells 

Mock clamshells provide a premium clamshell look at half the price of a traditional clamshell. A thermoformed blister front and flange extend beyond the back of the card for complete product protection, while the sealing perimeter adds additional sealing integrity. It's an economical choice with great visual impact; one that's gaining popularity in the retail packaging industry.

  • High performance/lower total cost
  • Material cost savings
  • Excellent product display
  • Solvent-based heat seal coating
  • Durable protection, with one layer of plastic and a "guaranteed"  seal
  • Dedicated and Combo run availability

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Tear Resistant

  • Premium security with minimal plastic consumption
  • Sustainable, yet tear resistant
  • Easily Heat Sealed
  • Great Clamshell Alternative

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Header Cards

  • Variety of Combination Runs Available
  • Paper or Highly Durable Synthetic options
  • Foldover configurations can be stapled or heat sealed

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Cartons & Sleeves

  • Combo or Dedicated Formats
  • UV Gloss
  • Fluted or NON Fluted
  • Hot Stamped
  • Cold Foil
  • Variety of carton styles offered

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  • A sustainable and beautiful alternative to clamshell packaging
  • Perfect blend of strength and function
  • Safe and easy to open
  • Less plastic
  • All Club Store sizes and options
  • Fluted and NON-Fluted configuration 

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  • Fluted or NON Fluted
  • Proprietary Coating with superior sealing strength

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