About Us

Every year, major retailers including Wal-Mart, Costco, and Target are moving away from packaging that can be harmful to the environment and towards recyclable alternatives. These, as well as many other forward-thinking companies, are discovering that partnering with Solon, Ohio-based CardPak is the solution for their packaging needs.

CardPak was formed in 1965 as a subsidiary of American Packaging Corp. (Ampak) with the purpose of focusing on skinboard manufacturing. In 1974 they entered the blister card market, and by 1990, CardPak resembled the company as we know it today.

The 1990s proved to be a difficult time for CardPak as they were twice struck by natural disasters. Once in 1994 flooding drew production to a halt and again in 1996, record snowfall collapsed the roof’s building, causing a fire due to a downed power line. During these challenging times, CardPak held true to its commitment to its customers and it paid off. CardPak retained all of its valuable customers even during these difficult times.

Today, CardPak is an agile partner in the paperboard packaging industry, with manufacturing, sales and service processes that are designed around our customers’ individual needs.